05 June 2009

Ms.M on the 98

Oh my...I couldn't believe my luck, I am actually sitting on the bus next to Ms. M, the 98 going to Archway ahh thats not even a particularly fun route, nothing like the 189 or 332... hell the 332 takes you all the way to IKEA. Who would have thought she still needed to take the bus, I mean god she must have enough money to buy the bus inclusive the driver and just go on it for joy rides, god maybe she did buy the bus and I'm just free loading on her joy ride....WOW...wait what am I even thinking this is Ms.M of course she would take the bus...that's part of the reason I love her so much, she is so perfectly ordinary.
Oh sweet lord her hair just brushed my shoulder. What I would give to just be a single strand of her hair and be lucky enough to be attached to that incredible head of hers. Imagine planting your routes into those beautiful thoughts. I used to want to eat her brain just to get into her mind - I don't think that's necessary anymore, thank god no one likes a cannibal after all...

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