30 June 2009

I am Flower Pot

On Gertrude's request her body was turned into a flowerpot after her death so she could look after her prized roses after she was gone. She never did trust anyone else to look after her flowers.

18 June 2009

Das Blaue Wunder

June 16th 2009 Santa Monica US

Tragedy and shock has befallen the population of the Pacific Ocean as one of its largest inhabitants the Blue Whale who swam under the name of Freddy became the victim of a hit and run early this Tuesday. The 60-tonne Blue whale was hit by a speeding cargo ship and left for dead floating upside-down in the Santa Barbara Channel. The autopsy confirmed that Freddy died on impact with the ship which caused fatal injury including a broken skull. Local sea creatures are left confused and angry calling for stricter speed limits and proper shipping lanes to be enforced. A memorial service will be held at the grand coral reef this coming Tuesday, hundreds of sea creatures are expected to attend.

17 June 2009

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

It was an ordinary day. I was sitting in the corner of my local coffee shop sipping my black Americano staring out over the road towards the silent ocean which I knew lay hidden behind the glare of the electric city lights. On that beach 50 miles away was a young boy experiencing a similar uneventful day. With his back leaned up against a shabby cold ice-cream truck, his slow eyes fixated on a not so bright twinkle that shun between the competitive lights of the city. We would meet in about 3 years but at this point we just stared out into the world.

Something my phone wanted me to see

15 June 2009

12:19 Queens Park Books

Two women rush into the the bookshop and at high speed discuss the outrage of new text books prices and then with the same tempo calm themselves down with the fact that they are fortunate enough to be neighbours so their children can share the books. The state of equilibrium is restored.

09 June 2009

08 June 2009


Diego, mein Liebling,
vergiß night, das, sobald du das Fresco beendet hast, wir uns für immer vereinigen werden, ohne streit oder sonst etwas - bloß um uns zu lieben.
Ich liebe Dich mehr als je zuvor. Dein Mädchen Frida

05 June 2009

Ms.M on the 98

Oh my...I couldn't believe my luck, I am actually sitting on the bus next to Ms. M, the 98 going to Archway ahh thats not even a particularly fun route, nothing like the 189 or 332... hell the 332 takes you all the way to IKEA. Who would have thought she still needed to take the bus, I mean god she must have enough money to buy the bus inclusive the driver and just go on it for joy rides, god maybe she did buy the bus and I'm just free loading on her joy ride....WOW...wait what am I even thinking this is Ms.M of course she would take the bus...that's part of the reason I love her so much, she is so perfectly ordinary.
Oh sweet lord her hair just brushed my shoulder. What I would give to just be a single strand of her hair and be lucky enough to be attached to that incredible head of hers. Imagine planting your routes into those beautiful thoughts. I used to want to eat her brain just to get into her mind - I don't think that's necessary anymore, thank god no one likes a cannibal after all...

Granny ain't a square

is sooo over.....