26 September 2009

Smarts Sky Larkin

Having fun times with the lovely SKY LARKIN ahhhh

Have a listen and a boogie HERE

05 September 2009

These are shit times

A: You have to click your heels three times, then you will go back home to Kansas, I'm sure of it.

B:Three times ? That's crazy Dorothy never had to click her heels 3 times, you are just making that up, ever since you had 3 birds poo on you in one day you have an obsession with this number

A: Well you have to admit the chances of three individual birds pooing and hitting me in one single day through out London is bizarre

B:Yes I admit it could be considered strange, but that definitely doesn't mean god is using poo to send you a sign just because your lucky number happens to be 3.

A: But don't you see my lucky number is 3 , it has been 3 as long as I can remember and a bird pooing on you is considered lucky isn't it.

B: Yeah I guess although I never quite got why.

A: Because its an amazing coincidence that a bird that is flying around at random and shits at random happens to hit you as you are innocently walking down the street, its nearly a miracle

B: It's not really like Jesus turning water into wine though is it.

A: Anyway but 3 birds pooing and hitting me at random through out the day must mean something, it's a sign I'm sure of it.

B: Yes a sign that you have been wasting too much time aimlessly walking around London, get of the streets, sit down and work that's what the birds are trying to spell out in shit in shit for you.

A: So you admit the poo is trying to say something.

B: These are shit times after all.

03 September 2009