23 December 2011

wishing everyone a lovely christmas , hope you have more snow then me 

12 December 2011

Moon Banana worship

You'll find that once a month, only on full moon nights forgotten bananas from all corners of your cupboard get together and go skinny dipping in milk. This is a secret ritual thats been going on for years and I was lucky enough to catch t on camera - and later in my belly....yummy

Shaking hands with Miro small arms

03 December 2011

I eat where I sleep

Am I insane or does my lunch bizarrly match my bed sheets .....mmm

24 November 2011

I've moved myself up the wall

5 nails , 4 frames, a camera and a necklace, this wall just has space for everything

23 November 2011

theres a smell of snow in the air

22 November 2011

monday fruit bowls

yummy fruit, swoopy spoon, lovely finger

19 November 2011

light footed

flying upside down from my ceiling

14 November 2011

25 October 2011

aren't i a looker

self portrait, Berlin 22/10/2011

21 October 2011

send me your address and i'll write you a letter :)

When facebook and internet don't work lets send good old post cards .This is coming you'r way Nisha. If anyone else wants to get  friendly mail through their post box send me your address and I'll let you know whats happening :)

17 October 2011

after taking 7 trains, having a couple of stop overs i have finally arrived in BERLIN , and i gotta say i kinda like it :)

12 October 2011

tree confetti

Summer is over and I love it !!

07 October 2011

can one eat purple

had dinner at my friends house and am i crazy but is cauliflower meant to be purple....i mean i like it and the food was delious , muchos thank you to ZELDA

06 October 2011

kinda ok

i had someone say that to me on the weekend , i'm not sure if its really a compliment but i like it

04 October 2011

kleider machen leute

I just came across this on the guardian website. These are just some of the most extrodinary people, i can't chose which one i like the best but for the first time in my life i really want to stop and consider what i am going to where. see more picture HERE Photographs are by Ari Seth Cohen from his blog Advanced style

shadow jail

this is my friend nisha hidding in the back ground , shes got a pretty door and a strangers car in her drive way ...but thats a story for another day.

02 October 2011

sky writing

in the last couple of days the sky has been so beautiful, autumn sun is so gold and warm

27 September 2011

three things in my kitchen

20 September 2011

i'm pepping myself up for berlin

I saw this posted on the cupboard in my friends room and really takin to it. Do it know deal with it later

19 September 2011

Queens Park Day YAY

I live in lovely little area in London called Queens park and once a year we all come together for Queens Park Day. Its great, there is bunting, cake competeions and ferret racing. We also host our own dog competion which is super fun, but the best thing for me personally is the vegetable monster competion. this year we had some great entries wish i could smuggle one in.

18 September 2011

focus on new things

i just bought a graphic tablet today and i love love lovvvveeee it. how easy has illustration become!!

17 September 2011

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Bye bye london

ahh i'm so excited but at the same time super scared . I'm moving to BERLIN BERLIN wahhhh only 3 weeks to go for me to pack up my whole London life into a couple of boxes.

05 September 2011

This was a yummy sunny day . I just love all the farmers markets popping up around London but Queens Park is still my favourit

31 August 2011

28 August 2011

sunday feeling

Sunday collaging, getting ready for the Notting Hill Carnival

21 August 2011

I shape you

my mind has put a shape to you......i like it

18 August 2011

4 things i eat

something yummy my mum made for me

12 August 2011

i like my feet ..... my house mate says they look like Brooke Hogan .....thats Hulk Hogans daughter for all those who don't watch wrestling

count down

1 2 3 time for a swim in the sea

11 August 2011

perfect fit

my heart is big enough for the both of us


'he must be a comfort to you'
'and an anxiety 'I said

the end of an affair_Greene