30 December 2012


I had a nice walk into town with my boyfriend 
Maastricht 28/12/12

28 December 2012


wishing everyone some jolly holiday times

07 December 2012

walls and trees , windows and leaves

the first snow has arrived in Berlin, everything is clean 

not everyone wants tone a snowflake

This is where water droplets that don't want to get involved with the messy business of snow come to hang out through the cold dark winter months

23 November 2012

selective memory

selective memory of a walk through the forest

20 November 2012

mini life

building little worlds in my bedroom.
mountains , flatland and stary sky

29 October 2012

autumn sun tunnel

This morning when I was sitting in the Cafe the sun was hitting my coffee and water glass in the most peculiar  way. I'm totally in love with this years autumn sun its doing all kinds of magical things to my belongings.

26 October 2012

messy mess

Slowly starting to work in my stetch book again, although these are some older ones which I just wanted to share. First Romi Schneider in Sisi, secondly a bad day for a self Portrait and lastly magic potions for the everyday:)

18 October 2012

Wish you were there

Beautiful picture of me and my lovely boyfriend on holiday 

08 October 2012

it don't matter

01 October 2012

decorate that neck of yours

my mum has some very nice necklace's hmm

09 September 2012

mind mapping

These are some visual mind maps I did in the past few months. 

05 September 2012

I'm removing my Blues baby

Sitting at home listening to a lot of Skip James and Dinah Washington, can't help it I'm a Blues magnet right now but don't worry its all temporary, blue skies will be returned shortly.

03 September 2012

black forest

There is something about this collage which reminds me of the old brother Grimm's fairytales and walking with my family through the Black Forest as a child imagining little gnomes and creatures watching me from the bushes and tops of trees. Its great being a child and trusting what you image to be true.

01 September 2012

what the braid with you

backwards blind french braiding... i think i did ok ,for the fact that my hair just passes my jaw line i don't think i can ask for much more

31 August 2012

not my plant

yesterday i accidentally walk one floor to high in my flats and discovered that my House caretaker is quite the plant hoarder, felt a bit creepy lying on the corridor floor taking photos of them but then again its not me who's living above a crazy person.

30 August 2012


Ever felt like a square?
Well who has says thats gotta be a bad thing !

29 August 2012

a snapshot of my universe

got my head in paper galaxies and scarf stars

23 August 2012

hey there yummy face

finally having some evenings of and discovered i like cooking

22 August 2012

things are looking real good these days

I moved to Neuk├Âlln just a couple weeks ago and now I have the lovely Templehof as my own garden, perfect for walking ,flower picking and cycling around pretending your an airplane taking off