23 May 2011

a couple of favourites from my April May Days

these are a couple of lovely things that i found in the last couple weeks

not really know what to call it maybe a sewage lid, you can find them all over Oslo and they all have beautiful designs. this was my favorite :)

pretty flower petals from my neighbors bush,looks a bit like street confetti

a table cloth from the 50's themed house which is in the Norsk Folkemuseum in Oslo, super fun museum if you like time travel

and a lovely moosrock at a lake

11 May 2011

east-side ghost town

Had the nicest walk through the east-side of London, was a fun day as the Bangal festival was on, there were hundreds of people but some how I managed to only take photos of empty streets - GHOST TOWN

click HERE if you fancy seeing a couple more photos from my walk

03 May 2011

just another day with paper-mache

houses made of wood

had a couple of beautiful sunny days in Oslo, will post some more photos soon

02 May 2011

i carry a branch of leaves above my heart