31 August 2011

28 August 2011

sunday feeling

Sunday collaging, getting ready for the Notting Hill Carnival

21 August 2011

I shape you

my mind has put a shape to you......i like it

18 August 2011

4 things i eat

something yummy my mum made for me

12 August 2011

i like my feet ..... my house mate says they look like Brooke Hogan .....thats Hulk Hogans daughter for all those who don't watch wrestling

count down

1 2 3 time for a swim in the sea

11 August 2011

perfect fit

my heart is big enough for the both of us


'he must be a comfort to you'
'and an anxiety 'I said

the end of an affair_Greene

05 August 2011


she was pissed of that was meant to be her shining moment

01 August 2011

had a beautiful time in Puerta de la Cruz

1. thank you Aggie C for some good old crime watchin

2. how you fancy my black volcano sand glow ...don't know why but felt like Micheal Jackson would have liked it

3. times are looking up with my new Casio :)

4. love is rock solid here

Rock solid

this is a portrait of my friend Nisha ....she's my rock :)