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CD Cover

Milly Geronimo/The Blanket Truth - Winter Songs cd (screen printed)

"Global Warming or no, it is a bizarre fact that a january ice storm can inundate and erase so much leftover summer joy in the middle of america while, simultaneously, coastal north carolina and sunny california feel the warmest sunny rays of the season. a split cd-r of opposing approaches given opposing locations. 6 new songs of winter focus. milly geronimo of illinois faces the mystery and danger of winter with 3 story songs about long underwear and feeling cold. The Blanket Truth of california offers a guitar/synthesizer/drum machine sense of optimism in the face of cold weather and strange feelings. comes in hand-silk screened and crafted paper envelope with a sturdy insert and ample snowflakes."


Winter songs, Milly Geronimo,Blanket Truth

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28 February 2007

Mercy Magazine

An Illustration that was shown in Mercy Magazine


Pocket sized is a predominantly visual exploration of a vast subject, a comment on the frequent attempts to condense intangible material into bite sized chunks through literature, still or moving images. This is by no means a negative aspect of communication, as it is the most practical and effective method of learning. However, it is impossible to condense such a huge subject as 'SPACE' into a pocket-sized guide. It will be no substitute for the real thing and ultimately will fail. But we hope that our attempts and the attempts of our potential contributors will nonetheless create a stimulating and diverse publication, encouraging others to explore...

Pocket sized Magazine: SPACE

27 February 2007

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