17 December 2008

16 December 2008

06 November 2008

'he laughed to show me that his brain was alive and i could go on talking and joking with him' Kundera

The stars are looking chirpee tonight

04 November 2008

you've got that certain feeling

' have you ever seen someone that afterward you remember them more like a feeling than a picture'
this is that persons feeling put back into picture

I accidently fell in love with you

29 October 2008

Thank you for the interview


16 August 2008

You are everything and everything is you

Found this on the floor out side my house

09 July 2008

Love Triangle

The clouds just wont stop crying, soon we'll all drown in its sorrow.

07 July 2008

Clouded mind

I'm lying in the park staring at the sky, watching the clouds moving by , getting petrified at the idea of what would happen if one of the clouds malfunctioned and crushed down on my body, I'm living life on the edge.

24 May 2008

you'r eyes aren't as blue as mine

i pointed up towards the sky but you just couldn't see what i saw that day.

20 May 2008


and i have finally remembered where i hide my special socks

16 May 2008

Roger tells it how it is

'I do have an interest in books, I read them stories all the time'
-Roger 5 years old

26 April 2008

simple steps to solving a problem

'I've got a whole in my stomach and I've called it Gareth'

See what you have to do is idenitfy the problem in order to solve it, the rest is a stroll in the park.

21 April 2008

14 April 2008

09 April 2008

this means more than i can say

I something you

Every time somebody says
I love you
it loses some of it’s clout so
I’ve decided not to say it again.
I hope you understand.
Please don’t take it personally.
You know the way I feel about you.
I South Korea you.
I little blue blazer with brass buttons you.
I Kindergarten Cop you.
More than ever.

http://figcrumbs.blogspot.com/ a beautifully funny blog


Mrs HULK loves her knit wear, once a year she knits Hulk a new jumper for their anniversary, he finds this incredible and in exchange buys her bananas, her favorite fruit..... hes not very good at expressing his love but he does have an eye for detail........ HULK is LOVE.

08 April 2008

Wings Across The World

I'm leaving on a jetplane.....

and don't forget the sun block

jonanna enters the room and picks up a banana

J: ahh sadie look at these bananas!

S: yeah whats wrong with them?

J: well half of them are green and the other half are all sunned burnt.

S: so..

J: well how many times do i have to ask you to make sure that the bananas have sun block on before they go hang out in the fruit bowl.

S: oh shit didn't i cream them all up ?

J: no ..no you didn't, you know they can't do it themselves sadie, bananas don't have arms.

S: oh shit i'm so sor...

Joanna interrupts,

J: no... you know what forget it , just get some wet towels and after sun, lets prey they haven't gotten sun stoke or we'll be up all night.

i am just having an out of body experience

05 April 2008

concrete porridge

today i am always 5 minutes behind but i did wooop up just enough seconds to create something along the lines of concrete porridge, bob the builder could use this in case he ran out of gravel... ramble ramble

03 April 2008

be warped by my new shape

I was trying to come up with a new shape but all I managed was a triangle wedged inside a rectangle

you look different today

i have to get my mind a new set of eyes to get a fresh view of the world.

wild things

they are wild, they are crazy, they are out of control

02 April 2008

snow hands

special strawberry flavored snow which is magnetically attracted to red nail varnish.....some might call it magic wahhhh

language barrier

i love you in german, but not in english.....entschuldigung x

draculas friend

Elizabeth Bathory baths in the blood of young girls to steal their youth, Dracula sits back and thinks 'ok so thats slightly twisted but heyhoo who am I to judge'

hello meet me 3 generations before i'm born

01 April 2008

I'm so hungry i could eat my plate

'A company in Taiwan makes dinnerware out of wheat, so you can eat your plate!'

28 March 2008

vade mecum

i want the scissors to be sharp
and the table to be level
when you cut me out of my life
and paste me in that book you always carry

billy collins

26 March 2008

don't worry we still have time


Not only does this woman live in a completely beige house, she has survived wars, a heart attack and nearly lost an eye yet she is the most positive optimistic person i have ever met. Plus she owns a white Audi, possibly the coolest car in the world.
High Five Granny!!!


all the green things i own ...... its not very much considering its my favorite colour.

25 March 2008


i need some tape to stick my mind back together, pass me the blue one so i will always think about the sky

encouraging banner

Is it just me or is this a really relaxing though?

16:16 unvoluntary challenge

I have 3 ponds and 65 pence ......... lets see how many days i can last with that much money.

23 March 2008

I heart Heikki Kovalainen


starting point of my fruit animals , started with the initial idea of making eating healthy more fun, turns out it quite a challenge carving an apple into a cat, but its fun except for the part when u have to eat it and you feel bad cause its got a name and life by then.

POCKET SIZED: Future issue 2

These are instructions for when I die

Once again the lovely boys of the NOUS VOUS collective are putting the magical hands together to create issue 2 of their self published magazine POCKET SIZED, have a looky on their website for more info or just to have a bimble at their work tis very nice.


21 March 2008


If i ever went missing I would like to be found sleeping like a wild cat of a branch in the amazon forest ...or my grannies back yard.

autobiography of a toast bread

00:57 I was born in Vienna just like my brother in the same hospital, i wonder if my mum got nostalgic in those last hours of labor. i was born at three o clock well i was a cesarean, my mum blames my dickkofp ( I've always been stubborn) although now that i think about it i find it quite annoying that i didn't come out free will, that someone else chose my birth time and date which is strange cause i have based a lot of my life decisions on these numbers (3 is still my lucky number but to be honest that has to do with a completely different reason which is unrelated and not very exciting but for a five year old very logical). Well my parents moved to Israel and we lived here 4 years in a 2 story house on top of a hill that looked down on Jerusalem. we had a big terrace which my mother loved,especially the beautiful roses which me and my little Arab friends used to sit in and eat.
for a while we adopted a stray red cat which i was allowed to feed milk( even though i later found out that surprisingly enough apparently cats are lactose intolerant )this was the only pet i was ever allowed to have. it was also on the terrace that my brother was trying to show of and dropped me on my head.
in Israel i visited an Arabic kinder garden which was on top of a hill. my mum and my grandma dropped me of there the first day and sat me in front of a game with different colored squares ....i remember being quite scared but never actually learning Arabic, i just remember being able to speak it. during nap time me and the other kids would steal play dough, by the time we were moving away again guilt had caught up with me and i told my mum to return my secret stash of stolen goods even though bz that time it was just a big ball of tie die brown dough. 01:12 fri 21 03 08

20 March 2008

project is on time

an on going project about everything

08 February 2008