31 August 2012

not my plant

yesterday i accidentally walk one floor to high in my flats and discovered that my House caretaker is quite the plant hoarder, felt a bit creepy lying on the corridor floor taking photos of them but then again its not me who's living above a crazy person.

30 August 2012


Ever felt like a square?
Well who has says thats gotta be a bad thing !

29 August 2012

a snapshot of my universe

got my head in paper galaxies and scarf stars

23 August 2012

hey there yummy face

finally having some evenings of and discovered i like cooking

22 August 2012

things are looking real good these days

I moved to Neuk├Âlln just a couple weeks ago and now I have the lovely Templehof as my own garden, perfect for walking ,flower picking and cycling around pretending your an airplane taking off

15 August 2012


smile and a wink

Sometimes whilst you're too busy focusing on cutting and sticking, little pieces of scrap paper collect them selves on a page in just the most fantastical ways- high five for taking self initiative. 

13 August 2012

06 August 2012

cafe jungle

this is where i am spending my lazy afternoons these days

05 August 2012

its about time...

alone on a bicycle for two

01 August 2012


where are you today