31 March 2009

Only Old Men Walk Away From Shark Attacks

A couple of nights ago I had a bizarre dream that I was dipping my feet into the ocean when I suddenly saw a massive fin flap out of the water , to my utter horror(and slight surprise) it turned out to be a massive Hammerhead shark on the hunt. Before I even knew what was happening the shark lunged himself onto the beach and started coming for me ,this was obviously a very slow attack seeing that he had no legs or arm to move him forward but on saying that me with my able limbs just threw myself on the floor and flapped around. Just as the shark was going to bite down on me I kicked him in the face which according to my dream crowd was a massive mistake cause that got him REALLY angry. However seeing that the shark was way to preoccupied trying to kill me he didn't realize that the ocean had completely reseeded and he couldn't roll back.
So there he was surrounded by a group of dream onlookers shrinking and shrinking(i presume because he was dehydrated) into a little prune like creature and before you knew it there stood a little old man in old man cloths (think Florida) and casually walked back to the ocean. I tell you the survival skills in these animals is phenomenal.

24 March 2009

first days of spring ,have a lazy drink

10 March 2009

'Nobody realises that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal'
Albert Camus

07 March 2009

It takes seventeen muscles to smile and forty-three to frown. -Saying

03 March 2009