29 September 2010

26 September 2010

Bobo the technicoloured Cloud

Bobo wasn't like the other clouds, he didn't like floating, wasn't interested in creating animal shapes and the idea of spreading over land as a million tiny water droplets wasn't his idea of fun. No Bobo was different and he wasn't afraid of showing it.

23 September 2010

Hungry eyes make fat women

Yes Mary had the kind of eyes that could strip a chicken bare, role it in crumbs and fry it.... yes that lady sure had hungry eyes.

22 September 2010

Tree make over

The tree in front of my house is turning ginger and starting to loose hair,in about 2 months he is going to be totally bald. I think he'll look good bald :)x

20 September 2010

Breakfast 101

Four things that I had for breakfast this morning

15 September 2010

14 September 2010

Moon landing

this is where i travel to at night

10 September 2010

I grow onion

how amazing are these tiny little onions, home grown hot goodness