30 November 2010

bright light sofa

this is actually my grannies sofa don't know what my camera did but like the wash out sofa fabric

28 November 2010


lonely one leaf tree

26 November 2010

the couple

some old images i found lying around of my grandma and her friend

22 November 2010

dark cloud

gloomy little man in his birthday suit
(inspired by a picture i found in a book about naive art called self-portrait from boyhood)

21 November 2010

20 November 2010

sitting around....


of you.

16 November 2010


time for tea, biscuits and paint

15 November 2010

leaves, braids and sea


i know this is an old illustration but don't you think that these 3 images just seem like family together

13 November 2010

big cheeks small eyes

some faces that follow me around in my mind walks

12 November 2010

Double Rainbow = Double Luck

it works like that ...right. even rain can be pretty sometimes

some november rain drawings

1. a fat Carson McCullers
2. geometric forest
3. Cowboy and his friend Boxer

11 November 2010

05 November 2010

Got an Autumn slap in the face..