26 April 2008

simple steps to solving a problem

'I've got a whole in my stomach and I've called it Gareth'

See what you have to do is idenitfy the problem in order to solve it, the rest is a stroll in the park.

21 April 2008

14 April 2008

09 April 2008

this means more than i can say

I something you

Every time somebody says
I love you
it loses some of it’s clout so
I’ve decided not to say it again.
I hope you understand.
Please don’t take it personally.
You know the way I feel about you.
I South Korea you.
I little blue blazer with brass buttons you.
I Kindergarten Cop you.
More than ever.

http://figcrumbs.blogspot.com/ a beautifully funny blog


Mrs HULK loves her knit wear, once a year she knits Hulk a new jumper for their anniversary, he finds this incredible and in exchange buys her bananas, her favorite fruit..... hes not very good at expressing his love but he does have an eye for detail........ HULK is LOVE.

08 April 2008

Wings Across The World

I'm leaving on a jetplane.....

and don't forget the sun block

jonanna enters the room and picks up a banana

J: ahh sadie look at these bananas!

S: yeah whats wrong with them?

J: well half of them are green and the other half are all sunned burnt.

S: so..

J: well how many times do i have to ask you to make sure that the bananas have sun block on before they go hang out in the fruit bowl.

S: oh shit didn't i cream them all up ?

J: no ..no you didn't, you know they can't do it themselves sadie, bananas don't have arms.

S: oh shit i'm so sor...

Joanna interrupts,

J: no... you know what forget it , just get some wet towels and after sun, lets prey they haven't gotten sun stoke or we'll be up all night.

i am just having an out of body experience

05 April 2008

concrete porridge

today i am always 5 minutes behind but i did wooop up just enough seconds to create something along the lines of concrete porridge, bob the builder could use this in case he ran out of gravel... ramble ramble

03 April 2008

be warped by my new shape

I was trying to come up with a new shape but all I managed was a triangle wedged inside a rectangle

you look different today

i have to get my mind a new set of eyes to get a fresh view of the world.

wild things

they are wild, they are crazy, they are out of control

02 April 2008

snow hands

special strawberry flavored snow which is magnetically attracted to red nail varnish.....some might call it magic wahhhh

language barrier

i love you in german, but not in english.....entschuldigung x

draculas friend

Elizabeth Bathory baths in the blood of young girls to steal their youth, Dracula sits back and thinks 'ok so thats slightly twisted but heyhoo who am I to judge'

hello meet me 3 generations before i'm born

01 April 2008

I'm so hungry i could eat my plate

'A company in Taiwan makes dinnerware out of wheat, so you can eat your plate!'