09 September 2012

mind mapping

These are some visual mind maps I did in the past few months. 

05 September 2012

I'm removing my Blues baby

Sitting at home listening to a lot of Skip James and Dinah Washington, can't help it I'm a Blues magnet right now but don't worry its all temporary, blue skies will be returned shortly.

03 September 2012

black forest

There is something about this collage which reminds me of the old brother Grimm's fairytales and walking with my family through the Black Forest as a child imagining little gnomes and creatures watching me from the bushes and tops of trees. Its great being a child and trusting what you image to be true.

01 September 2012

what the braid with you

backwards blind french braiding... i think i did ok ,for the fact that my hair just passes my jaw line i don't think i can ask for much more