08 April 2008

and don't forget the sun block

jonanna enters the room and picks up a banana

J: ahh sadie look at these bananas!

S: yeah whats wrong with them?

J: well half of them are green and the other half are all sunned burnt.

S: so..

J: well how many times do i have to ask you to make sure that the bananas have sun block on before they go hang out in the fruit bowl.

S: oh shit didn't i cream them all up ?

J: no ..no you didn't, you know they can't do it themselves sadie, bananas don't have arms.

S: oh shit i'm so sor...

Joanna interrupts,

J: no... you know what forget it , just get some wet towels and after sun, lets prey they haven't gotten sun stoke or we'll be up all night.

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