27 February 2009

The secret to relaxation is ........

.....swimming and drawing at the same time.

26 February 2009

The saga of the Cheerio Love continues.....

They were happy for a moment.. but something happened in the milky ocean of their world.. it took over them. their love grew weak and soggy.. they stuck together anyway until tragedy struck suddenly in the form of a metal sphere from the sky. which scooped them up and carried them off to their death.

Thank you Glow in the Dark Scars

25 February 2009

24 February 2009

true love in the shape of a breakfast cereal

their eyes met one busy morning in the middle to a crowed cheerios box, for a second the whole world stood still and instantly they knew that they were made for each other, it was true Cheerio LOVE

17 February 2009

Sisi ahhhhhhh

add a little goodness to your life.

15 February 2009

KINDER snack bar

To kitty, who sometimes was sent to join some thirty sentimal ancestors.

03 February 2009